Kiran Mirchandani

About me

Welcome! I am a Professor in the Adult Education & Community Development Program at the University of Toronto. I am also a core faculty member of the Collaborative Program in Workplace Learning and Change.

Key themes in my research and teaching include:

  • Immigration and the labour market experiences of professional migrants to Canada
  • Processes of racialization and gendering in workplaces
  • Economic globalization and the transnationalization of service work
  • Low wage service workers in India
  • Labour standards and their enforcement in Ontario.
  • Welfare fraud policy and the criminalization of poverty
  • Youth labor market transitions in Singapore and Canada

Just Out!

Borders in Service: Enactments of Nationhood in Transnational Call Centres

Bordepicture1rs in Service traces the intersection of service labour and national identity across global call centres in seven countries: El Salvador, Guatemala, Guyana, Mauritius, Morocco, the Philippines, and the US-Mexico border. While most studies on offshore call centres have focused on India this collection explores the experiences of call center workers in many of the newly emerging hubs of transnational service work.

In this collection, Kiran Mirchandani and Winifred Poster have gathered a wide range of contributors to explore the dynamics within global call centres. Such dynamics include: language, speech, accent issues, expressions of consumer sentiment, physical space, and organizational, human resource, and labour policies. By grounding the theoretical debates on nationhood and labour in the realities of daily life in global call centres, Mirchandani and Poster have created a timely, accessible and revealing collection that will change what we know about offshored customer service work.

Edited by Kiran Mirchandani and Winifred R. Poster

University of Toronto Press, Toronto, 2016